Thursday, January 14, 2010

A GREAT Sunday Afternoon

1/10/10 we started with a nice family breakfast, Bacon, Waffles, Cranberry or Orange juice (always coffee), fresh fruit and eggs for those who wanted them - the Bman opted for Captain Crunch.

Afterwords we all went to a teen Mass together but for the older boys who aren't at home any more.

It was hard for me to pay attention during Mass a couple times at Mass becuase right before J suggested let's go Eagle watching, now that is the Platinum Rule (do unto others how they want to be done onto), after a short test of wills with #5 . . . J, me, #5 and #6 piled into the Escalade and headed off, wasn't a couple miles down the road and #5 was in the groove - we headed up to the river, seen and photgraphed great winter scenes and watched a lot of Golden and Bald Eagles, several hawks and headed home.

Capped the evening off with the traditional Sunday family dinner including #2.

J - thanks you for the Platinum Rule day, it was one of the best days I had - - - hope you enjoyed as much as me!

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